Photo Encouraging Meditation in the Prison Environment

Encouraging Meditation in the Prison Environment

Encouraging Meditation in the Prison Environment

The main reason for violence nowadays could be due to unbalanced wealth distribution among people. The wealthy people become richer, whereas the poor become poorer. Equally, it is difficult to develop the economic situation of a nation due to climate change and failing agriculture. Poor harvests urge some groups of people to attack another. In other words, crime rate is constantly increasing.

News items are filled with stories of violence and terror. It is not surprising that the law has become harsh on inmates. Punishment can correct people's behavior in a way; however, it does not successfully transform people into peaceful individuals. Therefore, encouraging mediation in prison is the key to restoring peace in a nation. Keep reading the article to find out more about how it works.

Giving peace education to prisoners

If the objective is to achieve global peace, the effort should not be restricted to people in the daily society. Efforts should be made to impart mankind with peace knowledge, regardless of their social position and condition. Therefore, in order to enhance serenity in prison, it is essential to give peace education to inmates.

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), for example, distributes tablets with peace education software to inmates in order to induce them into harmony. On seeing that it is possible to re-educate prisoners in the right path, the foundation takes the initiative to give them basic peace education. This implies that it is important to learn about the values of peace anywhere and at any time in life.

Shaping prisoners into nonviolent individuals

When inmates hear the word "Prisons", they may immediately think about mistreatment, food insecurity, conflict, and violence. All negative concepts come to mind. In other words, instead of correcting the moral conduct of hard-skinned criminals, prisons only make them more and more aggressive and violent. This is why religious groups make an effort to preach the gospel to them. To give peace education in prison, grouping inmates with similar behavioral conducts is necessary.

Peace education can involve meditation techniques like the ones proposed by any well-known spiritual leaders. Those techniques can empower prisoners with the ability to develop their inner strengths. Later, when they are fully developed into peaceful individuals, they can learn to get rid of their bad habits and transcend into more developed, peaceful individuals.

How to proceed with prisoners?

The mediation process consists of three main points. They are to be followed step by step.

  • In general, it is difficult for people in the society to talk and approach to prisoners for fear of their possible violent conduct. Therefore, it is essential to teach prisoners how to approach other people peacefully.
  • Prisoners are used to manage conflicts with violence or use of force. Thus, it is essential for the mediator to teach them to use nonviolence and become tolerant.
  • Prisoners need to learn about meditation techniques to promote mind tranquility and peace. For example, the meditation technique called "Knowledge", which is advised by Prem Rawat, is appropriate. When prisoners meditate regularly, they will be able to develop their inner power and have more hope in their future life.