Photo Prison of Peace : a non-profit organization

Prison of Peace : a non-profit organization

Prison of Peace : a non-profit organization

All over the world, prisons are considered the most violent places. In some countries, the minimal rights of prisoners are not respected and several prisoners suffer daily from both moral and physical violence. Peace in prison is nevertheless possible with projects and work in prison as the Prem Rawat Foundation does.

There are also several other organizations specializing in peace work in prison such as the Prison of Peace. With the work of this organization and of peace ambassadors like Prem Rawat, prisoners can hope for a fair incarceration.

An organization for prisoners

Created in 2010, Prison of Peace is an organization that promotes peace and non-violence in prison settings. The organization was created by prison mediation professionals at the request of prisoners. In fact, the organization is the very result of requests from prisoners who have a long sentence, often for life.

Prison for Peace focuses its work on mediation in prison. Because prison is often a hotbed of violence, it is more than important for the respect of prisoners' rights to make mediation a common value for both prisoners and prison officials.

For this, the organization trains mediators in the prisons who are prisoners themselves. With its peace representatives in prison, dialogue and negotiations are easier. This project does not only help to establish peace in prison, but above all makes prisoners responsible.

Some Prison of Peace mediators have even managed to secure a release, most of whom continue their peace work in other prisons. And even though Prison of Peace is only active in the United States today, the project and its success are famous around the world and inspire other peace organizations.

A non-profit organization

Another feature of Prison of Peace is that it is a non-profit organization. Unlike a stock company made up of shareholders who receive dividends (profits), members of Prison of Peace do not derive any financial benefit from it. Any profit made must be reinvested in the organization. As with any organization, however, Prison of Peace has human, financial and material resources that generally work as follows:

  • Human resources These are its members, those who are really involved in the social object and who have an economic aspect for the association because they bring money through their contributions, they participate in the management and they use the means of the association. Volunteers devote part of their time to performing work on behalf of the association, they are not paid.
  • Financial resources Membership fees. Legally, a contribution is a contribution distributed among the members of an NPO to cover the expenses of the organization. Donations and legacies, public subsidies are given either by the State or by the local authority.
  • Material resources

A social organization

The main purpose of Prison of Peace is to work for peace in prison. This payment results in a calm prison environment free from physical or moral violence between prisoners, but also between prison officials and prisoners. Also on a large scale, the association promotes the integration of prisoners into society once their sentence has ended.

Indeed, former mediator members with the Prison of Peace, once released, often remain in close contact with the organization and become volunteer advisers or trainers in turn.